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Act & Adapt is a group-based, video-guided program that teaches youth how to cope with feelings of stress. Students will learn strategies to improve their mood and gain control by:


  • Solving problems that they have control over. 

  • Adapting to problems they do not have control over. 


Students meet for about an hour, once a week for about 10 weeks at their school.  


"It is amazing to see when another student shares their experience and the other groups can identify the skills used"

Here is what therapists have told us about group members who participated in Act & Adapt:

Here is what parents have told us about their children who participated in Act & Adapt:

“Like I said, every time she goes to group she comes different. She's a different little girl. She's happier, she's smiling, she's giggling, she's joking around, she's eating fine.”

Here is what therapists who were trained in      Act & Adapt have said about our training:

"This was really hands on and the role play helped me to feel more comfortable implementing the program."

Here is what therapists who received support in the delivery of Act & Adapt have said:

“Thank you for all you and your team have done. This has been an amazing program and look forward to hopefully working with you in the future.”

Deep muscle relaxation and quick calming can help decrease feelings of anger or anxiety, such as a racing heart, rapid or shallow breathing, tight muscles and more! Relaxing the body can help youth recognize that they have some control over their reaction to stress.
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